Use the Domain lookup box to search for your preferred domain name. Domain names are purchased on a 2 yearly basis, and are obviously an important part of developing your website. Its very important to choose a suitable domain based on where you are, or who you plan to provide services or products for. For instance if you are a UK based business and most of your business is done in the UK, then a domain would be your best option. However .com domains are globally recognised, so it depends on your preference. Which ever domain you go for it will work everywhere.

Domain Name Check

When registering a domain name with Rowles Media you also get;

  • Privacy Protection
  • Managed DNS
  • Email Forwarding
  • Domain Forwarding

Research your competition

Go on Google and see what others in your industry have opted for, and see who appears on the first page of results. What domain names have they got. Its important to make sure you are comfortable with your choice because you will be using that domain name for hopefully a long time, and the longer you stick with it the better you will do in those all important search engine rankings.