Full colour, or simply black and white, to suit usage, logo design is very important to any business as it is the focal point that people will recognise your brand from. It is important to get your logo right, so that it conveys the right message, and the customer can start to get a feel for who they are dealing with.

Your logo should work on your website but also, just as important, it should work in your printed media. On business cards it will appear relatively small, it certain print applications it will need to work with one colour. These are all things to consider when a logo is designed.


The logo design process

  • 3 Basic logo concepts
    We will present you with 3 different concepts for you to choose from. from these you can say what you like or dislike about each and then we will agree on a preferred concept.
  • Revisions on preferred logo
    The preferred design will be finalised, allowing you further chances to discuss changes and then the final logo will be agreed.
  • All the rights to the final logo we created belong to you
    This means you will have full usage rights to your logo, full copyright to the design is handed over to you, all I request is that I can show it in my portfolio.
  • Supplied in various formats
    EPS format for professional printing, such as business cards/letterhead/brochures. JPEG and GIF – formats for web site graphics and office printing (i.e. embedded in MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint documents)

The whole process can take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on every ones schedules and you will receive via email or on a CD all the logo files you require.