Also known as SEO, this is part of our web design process initially, but is actually an ongoing process that needs to be worked on regularly in order for your website to continue to rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO is a term that covers a large amount of different activities. One of the most important things to know about search engine optimisation is that it is continuous, as already mentioned, regular updates to your website with news and blog articles for example is just one part of that process. Below are some more search engine optimisation techniques to consider.

  • Keyword Analysis
    Using keyword analysis tools it is possible to work out which keywords and phrases will perform better in helping your website to rank well in the search engines for the keywords important to your business.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Finding out what is working for your competitors is a helpful process in determining how your own search engine marketing campaigns should be developed.
  • Creating a Blog
    Having a blog on your website is one of the most important parts of search engine optimisation or search marketing.  Having a regularly updated, active blog with articles relating to your business, that people will find helpful, is something search engines love! Visitors to your website will love it too, and hopefully they will share it with there friends and associates via comments on your blog, hitting a share button on your blog and getting your blog shared in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or MySpace for example. This is a major part of getting links back to your blog and again raise that ranking in the search engines.
  • Website Re-Engineering
    Many websites that have been around for sometime now will have been created using older techniques which are now outdated. They don’t necessarily hurt your rankings, but they don’t help them either. Websites using XHTML, CSS or other modern standards compliant code, along with well organised content that uses headers, paragraphs, and labels tables and images correctly will only help your website to rank well.
  • Accessibility via iPhone, Android Mobile Phones and other mobile devices.
    With the number of people accessing the internet via there mobile device going through the roof, ensuring your website actually works really well on these devices is growing more and more important.