Web Design

Rowles Media can offer website design as part of a package of services, including hosting, domain name registration, and search engine optimisation for example. This means we can give you a complete service that will get you online with a professional website designed, developed, uploaded and optimised for Google, Bing and Yahoo to index your website, and start the process of getting you up to the first page of results.

The process

Initial Consultation

Firstly we will discuss your requirements, if you have a corporate identity we will make sure we understand it fully. Also this is your opportunity to show us what you like. What websites do you like the design of, how the navigation works, colour schemes, galleries, embedded video, all these things can help us to design a website that you will meet your requirements, and also knock the socks off your competitors!

Design Time

We will produce a design for you to preview online. You will then have the chance to feedback about what you like, what you don’t like, and we can discuss improvements/changes.

Final design

The final design will be agreed, this being the time for last minute changes, although it will be possible to discuss changes after this point.

Coding and uploading

The design will be converted into html and css, and developed into a series of templates that can be used to manage your new website.

Final setup

This final stage includes creating any initial pages, upload image galleries, enable plugins (galleries, spam, contact forms etc). Setup blogs, forms, social networking extensions, profiles and security.

30 day support phase

In this final period once the website has gone live, you have chance to contact us if you have any problems or things aren’t working as expected, help with managing your website etc. After this you will be able to submit support tickets and you will receive support via this method as long as your website is hosted by RM.